Phu Lhong Master Planning for Wildfire Management

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Project Statement
Phu Lhong Master Planning for Wildfire Management project is a collaboration of many parties, including a landscape architect, engineer, volunteer, nearby villager, and Bhikkhu, all with the same goals, reducing damage from yearly wildfire events that cause incalculable damage to the site and restoring biodiversity to this site. The design is based on what was already there, whether it’s a road, a weir, or anything else done by the locals with local wisdom. The role of a landscape architect is about site planning on a macro scale, which is relative to the surrounding environment. site constraints, and provide the natural detail designs in critical areas.
Designing with a touchless concept is the main concept. Adding fewer decorative things means it will be low-budget, low-maintenance low-complexity, while also being high-efficiency and self-sustaining.
The goal is not to have no wildfires in the area anymore; wildfires are still necessary for the growth of some plants, particularly those in the deciduous forest community, but they should be controlled in certain areas.
We’ve learned how to design by a win-win solution with nature, and how to manage the site making it resilient in a world where humans, nature, and disaster live harmoniously.


Location: Phu Khiao Sub district, Chaiyaphum, Thailand
Year 2021
Client/Owner: -
Status: Completed
Building Area: 8,000,000 sq.m.
Project Value: -
Collaborators: -