The alternative for business initiation and well-being”


To establish the prototype of business district that means to enhance its tenants’ well-being, harmonizes itself to the nature and in the meanwhile, creates the environment which encourages the incubation and initiation of start-up business sustainably.


Context & Scope : City within the City : Bangkok Eastern Business District

Eastern area of Bangkok has high rates of economic growth due to the transportation and logistics development project and other large-scale development project. It is an important area which soon will be developed into trade area, the extension of Bangkok metropolitan.

Kiatnakin Bank owns approx. 300 Rai (480,000 Sq.M.) of undeveloped land in the previous mentioned area. It is a large plot of land with potential to be developed into pilot project which can have impact on other future development projects in the same area.

The design team has thus determined the objectives of the master planning for the land development. It is expected to be the prototype of holistically designed small city regarding its physical, social, economic, and environmental aspects in the concept of “City within City” to be the alternative for middle class who must reside in Bangkok and prefers good living quality as well as the opportunity to initiate start-up businesses those conform to Thailand future economic development direction.

Design Intent: Eco Village – The alternative for business initiation and well-being

Since the potential of large land plot allows it to be developed into small but fully-equipped city for living and working which is made sustainable through the environment in harmony with nature, the design team has determined the project development vision as the Eco Village which is the prototype of mixed-use and environmental friendly business district development for other future projects.

Design Approach

 Being Eco Village: rationing more than 78% green open space to be the forest and open space for recreational activities, designing water network that connects every parts of the project through sustainable water management network system including rainwater storage system and water treatment system for being re-used in watering, together with applying solar power system, resource recycling system, sustainable waste management, and organizing the transportation by prioritizing walking and bicycling.

 Promoting interaction and sense of community: providing various connected open spaces and recreational spaces in each parts of the project to promote interaction and co-learning and shared connecting pathway among the users in different parts of the project.

 Co-Creative Community: creating the environment which encourages the entrepreneur incubation by providing the offices and co-working space for the start-up business initiation and open space for “Marketplace of Ideas” co-learning activities and business promoting events.

 Founding the city of balanced and fully-equipped living: providing various functions to the project including;

o Residential area and condominium

o Service area – market, community mall, clinic, bank, sport center

o Business area – co-working space and office

o Learning and recreational area – school, park, urban farming, convention hall, hotel, art gallery

 Organizing the city environment: defining forest area for more than 10,000 trees planting which are adequate for producing the oxygen for 20,000 peoples.

Expecting to create the substantial prototype of business district project that can facilitate the livings, be environmental friendly and the sustainable model of economic development based on social and environmental development, the effective starting point of Eastern Business District development for Bangkok metropolitan, currently the design team and the owner are working together to develop the design of the project. There are five phases of the development plan, aiming to complete fully in 2030.


Location: Bangna Km. 8, Samutprakarn
Year 2016
Client/Owner: Kiatnakin
Status: -
Building Area: 480,000 sq.m.
Project Value: -