Traditional Chiang Khan House Learning Space

Amid the transformation of Chiang Khan, Arsomsilp Institute of the Arts last year worked on bringing back the originality of Chiang Khan with the support of Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization (or DASTA under the Participatory Approach on Local Wisdom Dissemination of Traditional Chiang Khan Houses, Loei Project. The project aims to recapture the identity of the original wooden houses of Chiang Khan by renovating a 120-year-old wooden house as a learning space to gather co-ordination from the upstream and stimulating the community to have a focal point, building spirit and appreciation to their own value. This has inspired one of the old wooden houses’ owner to renovate his front area as another learning space for the community with his own money and labor. Moreover, it has brought out Chiang Khan’s hidden local wisdom in every corner to become a cultural tourist route through various demonstrated local wisdom learning and cultural tour programs such as hand-made cotton blanket, paper-cutting handicraft for old ritual, ‘Pa Sad Loi Kroh’ or also known as the ‘Banana Castle’ – a local unique tradition and two authentic Chiang Khan houses, creating pride and happiness to all wisdom gurus as well as generating income from such local wisdom. This cultural tourist route is presently being offered in the tour programs as a stepping stone to build a concrete result and enhance the value of the community heritage for the upcoming generations.

Location: Chiangkhan, Loei, Thailand
Client/Owner: Chiangkhan Communities
Status: Completed
Building Area:
Project Value: