ThaMuang Old Market Community is a medium-size original community with high cultural valuable heritage. Despite it is over a century old, the population is very dense and the commerce is very lively. However, like many other old communities, ThaMuang Old Market Community encounters some common problems especially the negative effects of urbanization. Members of ThaMuang Old Market Community have an initiative concept of community revival with a conservation approach. However, their initiative still lacks public participations of the community. The research team, therefore, decides to adopt the Participatory Action Research (PAR) in order to identify the directives for physical improvement and a mutual agreement to conserve and develop ThaMuang Old Market neighborhood with public participation of ThaMuang Old Market Community members. As a result, the sense of belonging among ThaMuang Old Market Community is higher, as evidenced by establishment of “Power ThaMuang Group” comprising members of different groups of ThaMuang. This research results in a mutual cooperation among different groups of the community, different communities, and local administrative organizations as well as private and public agencies. More importantly, the community members can improve and develop their original community. In spite of the project completion, they will continue their meetings to further develop their own community.

Location: ThaMuang, Kanchanaburi, Thailand
Year 2016
Client/Owner: ThaMuang Communities
Status: Completed
Building Area:
Project Value: