Puey Ungphakorn Artistic Park

Puey Ungphakorn Artistic Park project has been initiated in the occasion of 100th birthday of Prof. Dr. Puey Ungphakorn, the Master of Truth, Esthetic, and Virtue, the model of commoner who made benefits to the nation and society. The project has been inspired from the article “The Quality of Life of a Southeast Asian – A Chronicle of Hope from Womb to Tomb” and the demand for “Welfare State” in Thai society by Prof. Dr. Puey Ungphakorn, October 1973


 “…I need some leisure time for myself, and to enjoy my family, and want access to some green parks, to the arts, and to traditional social or religious festivities.  I want clean air to breathe and clean water to drink…” 

(The Quality of Life)


Talad Noi, “Birthplace” of Prof. Dr. Puey Ungphakornis an old Chao Phraya riverside community located in Samphanthawong district.The area is continued from Yaowarat, a long-time important business district in Bangkok. It is a part of natural feature which reflects the settlement in the beginning of Rattanakosin era with 750 metres-long riverbank. Currently Talad Noi isXiang Gong district”, where is the market place for spare parts and used machinery. It is a historic area which has been founded by Chinese immigrants even before World War II. Talad Noi has its beautiful sceneries with pleasant shadings blended in the community area but it still lacks of efficient use considering the site potential and urban green area development for better life quality of the society.


Architecture is not just a building, but it can create GREEN energy for human and society as well ”


Green for Change

Arsomsilp community and environmental architect has initiated this project in collaboration with The Treasury Department and Talad Noi community members as they realized the value and the potential of Talad Noi area. The project objective is to create a pilot project that changes the use of closed area in an old machine shop, turning it into green space along Chao Phraya River which becomes beneficial to public by using participatory process.


Green for WellBeing

To turn once-closed area around an old machine shop along Chao Phraya River into an open area for exercises, recreations, meetings and activities of Talad Noi community members and public.


Green for the Community empowerment

The architectural design process is used to create the collaboration by acquiring the community hearing method to define the usable area within the project. The project is aimed to reflect the identity of the community and truly serve the need of uses, led to the pride and the strength of the community.


Green for Learning

Talad Noi Community Museum – To introduce the story of Talad Noi community, an old Chao Phraya riverside community, “Xiang Gong district” the market place for spare parts and used machinery founded by Chinese immigrants with long history before World War II, selected community products, pride of TaladNoi, biography of Prof. Dr. Puey Ungphakorn, the Master of Truth, Esthetic, and Virtue, the model of commoner who made benefits to the nation and society, and notable person of Talad Noi, for the learning of community members, students, and those who are interested

Multipurpose area for community activities – To provide the space for meeting, gathering, or festive activities for the community members.


Architectural Design Concept

  1. Reflecting the Identity of Talad Noi The building has been designed to reflect the old machine shop, the former context of the project location and how “Xiang Gong district” was the identity of Talad Noi by representing them through building scale and materials. It serves the need of uses that has already changed.
  2. The design of building façade made to reflect and relate to big trees within the project, all kept as they were, in order to double the greenness and maximize the project potential despite its small land area of 858 Sq.M. (214.5 Sq.Wa.) to turn it into the powerful green space.
  3. The architectural space design attracts the green context into the building
  4. Old materials of former machine shop such as wooden columns have been reused as they are still in proper condition.
Location: Talad-noi, Sampantawong, Bangkok
Building Area: 500 sq.m.
Project Value: 16,500,000 Bahts