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Arsomsilp Community and Environmental Architect, the professional architecture studio established to support “work-based learning” for school of architecture of Arsomsilp Institute of the Arts, a non-profit institution of higher education established as a learning community committed to “transformative learning,” or developing architect through education using the holistic concept of joining together in a worthwhile way to effect societal change, always holding fast to these four architectural principles:

  • Focus on the value architecture has for being truly beneficial to humanity and the environment.
  • Stress design that grows from participation of all parties concerned.
  • Use uncomplicated, straightforward architecture, at one with nature.
  • Utilize local tradition and Thai knowledge and wisdom in design (think: tropical and vernacular architecture).

We believe that the value and meaning of architectural work is not limited to physical and aesthetic dimensions, but that its true value lies in its utility for life, producing benefits for the user, the project lead, the community, and ultimately for society and the natural environment. In practice every project, therefore, stresses reading and getting to understand the background context of each project. What are the real issues surrounding a house? The idea is to specify the challenges and set up clear basic value objectives to focus on needed change. What are shared elements in various dimensions involved in the social, economic, environmental, and spiritual needs of stakeholders, and how must individual attitudes change?

Mr. Theeraphon Niyom
National Artist of Thailand for Visual Art and Applied Art (Architecture)
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Arsomsilp Community and Environment Architect Co.,Ltd.
Vice President for Administration and Planning, Arsomsilp Institute of Arts



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We are always looking for new talent and look forward to finding new colleagues for our offices. Arsomsilp Community and Environment Architect takes great pride in the achievements of our team members both inside and outside the office; as designers, they must be encouraged to develop their own style and repertoire of work. we as a company value the experience that they gain from these, which in turn feeds back into our works and projects. Being a mid-size company we do have some hierarchy, but all team members take an active role in the design process which we believe enrichens the working environment and our projects in turn; architecture and urbanism, for us, is team work.

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